2-Year Course Offered:

Computer Sciences Technology / Programming NC IV


The student in our 2-year program is trained to be skilled and knowledgeable in all principles of computer programming, specializing in Visual Programming, Web Page Design and Animation. It is also expected that the student shall be proficient in all office applications, data communications, networking, system design and analysis and communication skills. This course contains more advance units creditable for the BS degree. At the end of the course, the student shall accomplish System Application Software as one the major qualifying requirement for graduation.

Hotel & Restaurant Service / HRS

The course deals with the study in all hotel and restaurant principles. The student shall learn tourism, nutritional concepts, hotel housekeeping, food preparation, front office, food and beverage management and communication skills. At the end of the course, the student shall also learn quantity food production, baking, restaurant and bar management and personality development, including immersion to hotels in both and foreign.

Computer Technician System / PC Hardware Servicing NC II

This course prepares the student to be adept in computer and electronic preparation theories and actual demonstrations which include advance troubleshooting, telecommunications, networking, entrepreneurship and computer architecture.

Bookkeeping NC III

This course prepares a student to be an efficient office secretary of a business establishment, government and non-government organizations. This course prepares the student to be proficient in all aspects of business management, office procedure, principles of marketing, personality development and communications skills.

Short Couses Offered:

  • Finishing Course for Call Center Agent NC II
  • Computer Hardware Servicing NC II
  • Programming NC II (Web Designing, Programming, etc.)